A particularly witty Wurst - Witty's on Wittembergplatz

What better thing to do on a cold day in Berlin than seek out a hot Currywurst? Go inside instead of standing out in the cold getting sauce all over your gloves, I suppose. Well still, this is Witty's on Wittenbergplatz (just over the road from Ka De We), which sells organic Currywurst. It's been going for 25 years and has built up a reputation for the quality of its Wurst. The sauce is noticeably different to Konnopke's, with more of a sharp tomato flavour (the Konnopke's secret sauce has a rounder flavour with hints of green chilli and paprika)...and yes, that is mayonnaise on the chips, something which the Germans inherited from the Belgians. Witty's is rather more expensive than the average Imbiß (this lot came to 6.20€), but it's definitely worth a try.


Witty's Organic Food
Berlin 10789
Wittenbergplatz (U1, U2, U3)

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