Warsaw: A visit to the stables

Some weekends are made for exploring; others seem to be made more for sitting by the fire watching the snow fall. This one is definitely heading in the latter direction, helped no end by the roaring fire and comfy chairs in the friend's house where I'm staying. Am I going soft on you all? I might well be...

Before we declare the spirit of adventure completely dead and buried, though, it's time for a wander out into the snow-covered roads, fields and woods which surround Warsaw's outlying towns.

Though it's only the middle of the afternoon, it's already getting well towards dark.

We end up at a stables, where the horses stand in the yellow-green glow of sparsely placed fluorescent strip lights.

This - the Pa Ta Taj riding school in Kanie - is reportedly the largest equestrian facility in the Warsaw area. There's not a lot of riding going on at the moment though. All the horses have been brought inside from the snow and there's a slightly agitated quiet as they munch on hay and settle down for the night.

In a corner of the stables is an old tractor. It seems its driver is asleep though...

This is an Ursus C-330, an old staple of the communist days, built just a few miles from here (in the suburb of Ursus) and in continuous production for 30 years, between 1967 and 1987.

There's a small bar here too, with a machine stirring up hot chocolate on the counter. Just the right choice for drinking by the fire. Going soft on you? Yes, and it's good.

Pa Ta Taj riding centre
Krótka 9
08-805 Kanie

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