The latest on Checkpoint Bravo!

I've featured Checkpoint Bravo and its surroundings a few times here on and, as you can probably tell, there's something I rather like about the place.

I was intrigued to read that it had been sold at auction on September 16th 2010, to an anonymous bidder who paid €45,000 for it. From reading the reports in the British press, it wasn't at all clear exactly what had been sold and, as I know that some people have been looking here to find out more about it, I thought I'd take the opportunity to clear up the details.

As avid readers of this site will know, there are two sites in Berlin which could be called Checkpoint Bravo, the newer of the two having some buildings which had been up for sale. As it turns out, it wasn't any of those which had been sold, but the site of the first Checkpoint Bravo at Albrechts Teerofen.

The Checkpoint Bravo site at Albrechts Teerofen

It failed to reach more than the minimum price, which suggests that there was only the one bidder. Hardly surprising, considering that the 1950s motorway bridge included in the sale has seen better days and will, I suspect, prove to be expensive for the owner to maintain (even knocking it down wouldn't be too cheap, I imagine). The fact that it crosses the Teltowkanal means that not making it safe really isn't an option.

The site was sold as a piece of forest rather than as buildings (the only building there is the rather dilapidated rest stop) and had no building permission attached, though there's nothing to stop the new owners from applying for it. What they'll do with it remains to be seen, though - whatever it is, it'll presumably have to be something profitable enough to maintain that bridge (and I can't imagine demolishing it being something that'll happen without protests from Berliners).

If you're interested in seeing it as it is in my pictures from December 2009, I'd suggest going to take a look pretty soon - who knows how long it'll stay that way.

In other news, it seems the architect Hajo Mattern has been working on plans for the rest stop building at the other Checkpoint Bravo site, by the A115 Autobahn. His suggestions for the site, according to an article in Der Tagesspiegel include a hotel with an American Diner on the ground floor, a club lounge on the upper floors and a roof terrace. He's apparently been talking to Holiday Inn, amongst other investors - Der Tagesspiegel has a mock up picture to show how it could look. I don't think any deal's been done yet though, so if you happen to be interested in buying it, or just want to take a look at some floor plans, you can take a look at the site that's been set up by Dülk Immobilien (the floor plans are under 'Flächen').

Griebnitzsee (S7)
The rest stop building at the 'new' Checkpoint Bravo site
Potsdamer Chaussee
14109 Berlin
The now sold Checkpoint Bravo
Albrechts Teerofen
14109 Berlin

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