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More Berlin history

Architecture in Berlin - Jim Hudson roams Berlin photographing interesting buildings and writing about Berlin's architecture. Needless to say, I like this site a lot!

Cabaret Berlin - Brendan Nash explores the world of entertainment in Weimar Berlin. He also runs a walking tour of Christopher Isherwood's neighbourhood - more details of that here.

Aerial photos of East Berlin - Alain Guillou was taken up in a US military helicopter in October 1987 to get a unique view of the wall and East Berlin. He also sells canvas prints of his historic pictures.

Deutsches Historisches Museum - The German Historical Museum. Go for the information, stay for the webcams!

British Pathé - watch videos from the British Pathé archive online. Loads of Berlin-related material there, amongst other things!

Staying in Berlin

Mowitania Holiday Flat rentals - a nice way of staying in Berlin, usually quite inexpensive, especially for groups

Propeller Island - you could call it a hotel...but really it's more a work of art you can stay in.


Berliner Verkersbetriebe (Berlin Transport Company) - handy information for getting around the city by public transport.

Deutsche Bahn - their journey planner is very useful for planning train journeys anywhere in Europe. In Germany, it also gives you information on other forms of public transport (use the advanced search and put in the address you want to travel from/to).

Berlin Blogs

Berlin Sketches - Eva Flug's impressions of the city. Some really interesting finds!

Slow Travel Berlin - helping visitors (and residents) explore Berlin the slow way.

And going off-piste a bit...

Old Newport Pembrokeshire - just to prove that some things run in families...

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  • As Berlin's Christmas markets open today, here's the latest version of my ever-popular guide to them! 1 week 12 hours ago
  • Here's a fun Berlin-themed take on the traditional 'Schwibbogen' - 2 weeks 1 hour ago
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  • Happiness is a 1kg bag of Andraschko's Viennese Coffeehouse blend. Mmm, ... 5 months 1 week ago
  • More information and links for ordering Joanna's book here ! 5 months 2 weeks ago
  • If you're now asking whether I'm on a mission to try Berlin's oddest ice cream flavours, the answer is...maybe? 5 months 3 weeks ago
  • If you like your ice cream to have a bit of heat, head to Wannsee to give Faustmann's schoko-chili flavour a go! 5 months 3 weeks ago
  • Apparently Heinrich Zille is doing street art these days... 5 months 3 weeks ago
  • There's a selection of coloured chalk here too, I suppose I could do some pavement art while I'm at it. Or just watch the world go by... 5 months 3 weeks ago
  • It might not be exactly sunny right now, but it still seems like a nice moment for a coffee by the river. 5 months 3 weeks ago