Breakfast in bmi's Great British Lounge

This post refers to the service provided before the takeover of bmi by IAG, and is left here purely for historical interest. Flights to Berlin are no longer available through bmi.

"Cancel the Christmas getaway!" says the headline on the morning's paper. It's a bit late now, though.

I sit at the panoramic window of bmi's Great British lounge, relaxing with a cup of coffee and a bowl of porridge as the sun rises to reveal a grey morning at London Heathrow.

It turns out the headline is referring to continuing cold weather, rather than the nuclear holocaust that the horror-toned headline might suggest. Even if the world was about to end, though, I'm not sure it would be enough to shatter the atmosphere of civilised calm in here. A gentle sound of business talk and intense newspaper-reading fills the air, punctuated by the crockery-clanking sounds of breakfast. Outside the window, planes trundle along the taxiways after coming in to land.

It has to be said they've got themselves a great location here, upstairs in Terminal 1, right above the gates that bmi's aircraft board from. The check in staff should be able to help you find where it is, but in case they don't, you just have to turn left once you've been through security, go past the World Duty Free shop and follow the 'airline lounge' signs. It's a bit of a maze of corridors and stairs, but if you keep looking for the bmi logo on the signs, you should get there! You'll of course need a business class or flexible economy boarding pass for a bmi international flight to get in.

Is this the most relaxed start to a Journey to Berlin ever? I think it might be. Still, nearly time for the flight to board...and I've just spotted the bacon rolls on the lounge's Aga.

Disclosure: this trip has been sponsored by bmi. Opinions remain my own, palms lightly greased with business class tickets and bacon fat.

bmi Great British Lounge
Heathrow Terminal 1
TW6 1AP London

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