For the past 10 years, I've been prodding around some of Berlin's more obscure corners. With this site, I hope to slowly peel back the layers of the city's history, as well as bringing a flavour of modern life in Germany's capital. You'll find a fair bit about the more well known landmarks here, but you can also count on me to serve up a good helping of reports from where the guidebooks are afraid to tread...

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There's also Building East Berlin on the 8th - http://t.co/oBJyxOA6VK - talk to @slowberlin nicely and we might offer you a deal on the two!
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Join me on November 9th to explore the curious 'third Germany' on my brand new @slowberlin Building West Berlin tour http://t.co/1nVT4hIGhj
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RT @slowberlin: We have a bumper crop of Wall-related tours over the 6-9th weekend, feat. @journeytoberlin, @underagreysky, @roomkes http:/…
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RT @slowberlin: "One of the best books ever written about #Berlin" - one of our mates. http://t.co/jiggfRvT6b http://t.co/eJi8WrBT39
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RT @WHS_Carpet: STOP PRESS..NEW CARPET SHOCKER!! Winchester presents East & West Berlin in carpet form. Via @Knittedgnome http://t.co/yL3bZ…
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